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A Report On The Security Plan - 871 Words

A successful breach must be notification of any kind of plan will encompasses in more than just a method for the most promptly it needs to make sure that they will tell the victims of what are going to happen over the security breach event. The effective that the breach is going to make sure that all the people know what is going .It must be a part of the comprehensive information of the security plan. This plan has three components they are critical in the notification plan †¢ Risk assessment The organization’s information security plan of action and this must being with any kind of security risk assessment. Security risk is a known, yet unrealized situation †¢ Trigger events The security risk assessment it would identify any kind of threats and any vulnerabilities to establish a system that would be monitor the whole computer of any kind of breach events. The staff’s should be able to know a security breach that may trigger events it will ensure prompt the initiation of appropriate response †¢ A mitigation plan the response team would want a team to establishes a security incident to a response a protocol that is clearly of a outlines the mitigation plan. †¢ Any risk analysis is the foundation of any sound privacy and security program it is also a requirement of HIPAA security rules .When you talk about HIPAA this any kind of medical information or anything that deals with personal information. A proper risk analysis it would involves a three – step process to identifying ,Show MoreRelatedCase Study : Area Risk Assessment862 Words   |  4 PagesData Security Medium Change Management Low Business Continuity Planning High Alexandra DeHaven IT General Controls ITGC Area Summary of Issue Strength or Weakness IT Management FFC has an IT strategic plan Strength IT Management FFC has an IT Steering Committee Strength IT Management VP Information Security reports to CIO Weakness IT Management FFC plan matches IT plan Strength IT Management VP Applications reports to CIO Weakness IT Management Steering Committee Members 5/7 report to CIORead MoreBuilding A Compliance Regulation Plan1149 Words   |  5 PagesBuilding a Compliance Regulation Plan Many regulations exist for various facets of corporate industries. Compliance plans in a health industry exist to ensure that any program created by a healthcare provider follow regulations to avoid abuse of information. Compliance planning for healthcare providers has become essential to protecting practices. As we have recently acquired a hospital group we should work to build a compliance plan, and the safeguards needed to keep information secure. ImportantRead MoreTaklang Sampelut1423 Words   |  6 PagesUnit Plans Unit 1: Information Systems Security Fundamentals Learning Objective ï‚ § Explain the concepts of information systems security (ISS) as applied to an IT infrastructure. Key Concepts ï‚ § Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) concepts ï‚ § Layered security solutions implemented for the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure ï‚ § Common threats for each of the seven domains ï‚ § IT security policy framework ï‚ § Impact of data classification standardRead MoreHo Yu ITGC Essay1337 Words   |  6 PagesManagement FFC has an IT strategic plan Strength IT Management CIO reports only to the Chief Financial Officer Weakness IT Management Applications, Operations, Information Security, and Database Administration are reported to the CIO Weakness IT Management FFC has an IT steering committee – 1. the Senior Vice President (SrVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) 2. the VP, Applications 3. the VP, Data Base Administration (DBA) 4. the VP, Operations 5. the VP, Information Security (IS) 6. the Executive ViceRead MoreReport On Online Sales1721 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Æ' CONSULTING IT REPORT Kitchener, Ontario June 12, 2017 To: Mr. Raj and Mr. Harjot From: Andre Luis Lumertz Peres Subject: Consulting IT Report – Online Sales Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis, considerations, and information necessary for the implementation of an online sales ordering platform. Based on information from the organization that makes $ 2 to $ 3 million in annual sales selling Drones their store located in Kitchener Ontario and with approximatelyRead MoreA Brief Note On Cyber Crime Shootings Report1424 Words   |  6 PagesInvestigating and Responding to Cyber Crime Incidents Report Introduction â€Å"Computer forensics is the equivalent of surveying a crime scene or performing an autopsy on a victim† (James Borek 2001). We need to ask ourselves a question, how many people in our organization had or will have any law enforcement training, anyone would have the qualifications and the skill to present enough evidence that can and will be acceptable in any court of law. No matter what kind of incident there is, the analysisRead MoreImplementation Of A Comprehensive Incident Management Policy And The Iso / Iec 27035 Compliant773 Words   |  4 PagesBLTYH’S BOOKS INCIDENT SECURITY MANAGEMENT POLICY AND THE ISO/IEC 27035 The ISO/IEC 27035 standard embodies the acceptable practice for the management of information security and ascertains the guidelines for the initiation, execution, maintenance and enhancement of information security management in organisations. The ISO 27035 standard is proposed to be a guide for emergent organisations in developing and implementing their information security policies. The implementation of this standard willRead MoreFice Of Personnel Management Essay1715 Words   |  7 Pagesup to the breach. Explains how adhering to the fundamental principles of security practice: the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA triad), combined with risk management policies we have learn in the previous weeks, as well as incorporating the importance of organizational culture that could lead to a path of preventative cybersecurity. Later in the paper we will examine further on the fundamentals of security practice that would create strong cyber defense posture. Read MoreBus 5291639 Words   |  7 Pagescase, select the one (1) that you believe to be the best solution to reporting the plan to address the problem and state why Of the four commentaries that follow the case, the one that I believe to be the best solution to address the issues faced by Flayton Electronics is that of James E. Lee. I particularly liked his recommendations because it addressed all the key areas that are necessary in a risk response plan. Lee’s recommendations are typical of contingency planning; according to Heldman (2005)Read MoreDesigning A Windows Server Using Suitable Software Management Plan895 Words   |  4 PagesFollowing is a report completed for the executives of Frist World Bank Savings and Loan, with the objective to provide information on how to secure a Linux platform using installed commands and other available open source software. Explained are the use of bastion hosts to secure architecture design as well as best practices to mitigate security risks to a Linux server using suitable software management plan. Layered secure is demonstrated as well as a described backup, recovery, and incident response

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Sedaris and Hoagland - 1291 Words

Brandi Carroll English 1A Star Taylor February 25, 2013 Language is a unique form of communication system used all around the world, in many different cultures and variations. In the short stories, On Stuttering, by Edward Hoagland, and Me Talk Pretty by David Sedaris, the authors discuss how they had to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives because of their speech impediments. They describe how they felt about their limitations, different strategies they used to defeat their language barriers, and the affects that theses obstacles had on their self confidence. Hoagland struggles with a stuttering problem, while Sedaris has moved to France in hopes to become fluent in a new language; although their handicaps were†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Is it better to remain a pleasant cypher who ventures nothing in particular but chuckles Immoderately at everyone else’s conversation, or instead to subject your several companions to the ordeal of watching you struggle to expel opionions that are ei ther blurred or vitiated, or made to sound too empathetic by all that huffing and puffing, the facial contortions, tongue biting, blushing and suffering?† (114). His conversations are limited with strangers; it is only with close friends and family that Hoagland is able to hold a clear and fluid discussion. His handicap was a factor of low self confidence. Furthermore, some of his scariest moments as a stutterer were as a father when his daughter was learning to speak and thought that she was supposed to stutter, and also when he had to have to give a speech at a wedding. Nonetheless, Hoagland refused to let his stuttering control his life. He is able to get in to the Army by telling them that he only stuttered because he was â€Å"nervous,† and even goes on to become a college professor. Unlike Hoagland, David Sedaris did not have a speech impediment or a handicap, however, he too faced many language barriers in different circumstances. He spoke English just fine, and in fact had hopes to become fluent in an additional language, French. In his essay â€Å"Me talk pretty one day† he describes his experienceShow MoreRelatedEssay on On Stuttering1082 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"On Stuttering,† by Edward Hoagland, and â€Å"Me Talk Pretty,† by David Sedaris, the authors discuss how they dealt with their speech impediments. They wrote about the way they handled their difficulties with speech, the different strategies they used, and how their limitations affected how they felt about themselves. Although the two author’s handicaps were not identical, they both used similar approaches to overcome them. After 60 years of stuttering, Hoagland reminisces about his strugglesRead MoreWriting and Research Paper2935 Words   |  12 PagesPencil, Gun.† (provided by instructor in class). Compare. Read WP: Adam Gopnik â€Å"Shootings† pp. 673-677aloud in class. Compare. Discuss HE writing skills. Quiz # 1: Argumentation. Essay # 1 is due: Personal narrative, or memoir. Homework: WP: Read Sedaris â€Å"Me Talk Pretty One Day† pp. 212-216. Pay attention to the satire. WEEK THREE January 29 Gender Roles discussion. Introduce Essay # 2. MLA research: Purdue University Owl and data bases. The research paper first draft is due 11/10: 1000 words

Employability Of The Hospitality Graduates -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Employability Of The Hospitality Graduates? Answer: Introducation The main reason for food reaching late to the table is the lack of enough employees when there is increased pressure of customers. Apart from that there are situations when some of the employees are not enough quick in passing the order to the chefs so that they start making the order. There are more chefs needed, the existing chefs often procrastinate, and the orders get late. There are situations when there is unavailability of certain ingredients, which has to be brought in by someone. The main solution of this problem is to increase the number of employees in the organisation. The HR department of the company must work towards appointment of more employees in different positions like waiters, waitress, and chefs. The logistic department of the restaurant would work more efficiently to ensure that there are no situations where there is unavailability of any ingredient. Reasons for food not being hot enough There is a lack of employees which result in situations where the existing employees are busy in serving some customers, and the food of the new customers are ready and waiting in the kitchen. In that situation the food becomes cold till the time the waiters frees themselves to carry the food waiting in the kitchen to the tables. The solution discussed above would be useful in this problem as well. By employing more people, the problem will be solved. The existing employees must do hard work in a smart way so that one customer is served faster and the employee can go ahead to the next customer. Reasons for waiters waitresses not being timely It has been seen that many of the employees are not very satisfied with their pay scale. Therefore, they procrastinate and often found unmindful at their workplace. Apart from that the lesser number of employees than what is required sometimes creates such situations where there are no employees to cater to new waiting customers. The management must take necessary steps to increase employee motivation by better pay and other motivational factors so that the employees are satisfied and work in a better way. New employees will be hired which would further solve the problem. It is very important for the employees of a restaurant to be well versed in the art of communication to understand the requirements of the customers and to interpret the desires of the customers in their real meaning (Solnet 2016). The employees will go through a whole course of communication training from a communication expert. Few restaurants spend extensive measure of money on preparing their staff to communicate with the visitors (Nieves and Quintana 2016). Great quality of communication skill is a scholarly quality and not a characteristic expertise so one ought to consider preparing to upgrade staff aptitudes. Great hoteliers upgrade visitor encounter. Aside from speaking with the visitors, the staff should know how to compose messages. Great relational abilities will inspire the visitors, which will additionally demonstrate helpful to ones hotel business (Wang and Tsai 2014). Timeframe required for the whole exercise will be 3 months approximately. The increased communication skill will enable the employees to communicate with the customers in a better and professional way, which will increase the brand good will of the restaurant. A motivated employee is always productive to the company because he or she works more which results in better productivity (Karatepe 2014). Therefore, seminars and techniques, which increase employee motivation, are very important. The main factor for employee motivation is monetary incentives, but apart from that recognitions, awards and promotions also work wonders (Karatepe and Karadas 2015). Junior workers will probably exceed expectations in their positions and remain with the organization in the event that they believe they have an opportunity to climb the stepping stool. Setting clear objectives and execution focuses for workers to demonstrate to them how they can raise their wages and move to better employments to propel the staff will be helpful. Motivated employees propel the companies to growth. Better employee motivation is very helpful in employee productivity and retention. Working in a particular industry requires a full-fledged knowledge of that industry that requires updated information of what is happening around. Everyday there are new incidents that are worth contemplating and understanding. The employees will be supplied with a full supply of contemporary case studies of different restaurants and will be trained how to tackle with similar situations in their workplace (Walker 2016). There will be sessions and seminars, where industry experts will visit and explain why crisis management is important, and what is the role Empowering the employees with industry knowledge will make the employees better prepared for situations which are critical and need attention. Most important quality that the waiters and waitresses should have is a great conduct and behaviour with customers who are coming in to enhance the dining experience of them (Jani and Han 2014). The hotel business is tied in with interfacing and dealing with individuals, regardless of whether that be ones clients or colleagues. Obviously, aptitudes and experience can be instructed and learnt, but attitude or behaviour cannot and this is the reason it is such a basic component for managers to consider. It has been discovered that the significance of worker states of mind and attitude to benefit and the level of fulfilment with the administration change essentially among clients of various nationalities. For instance, American explorers underscore components, for example, workers having the capacity to take care of their issues (Nieves, Quintana and Osorio 2014). Taiwanese clients push the significance of workers treating clients equally to all the customers equally. Following is a scenario where one student enacts a staff member and another manager of the restaurant. Situation number one is selected as the scenario and the role play that is provided is of a cook who has high absent rates without proper evidence or reason. Student 1 is playing the role of a Manager and Student 2 as the absentee cook. Manager- You have been continuously and repeatedly going absent from your work, this cannot be tolerated by the company anymore. Cook- But Sir, I fall sick often and that compels me to stay at home. How can I come if I am sick? Manager- Even if you are sick you need to communicate to the restaurant so that there can be backup plans, and a person cannot be sick for the whole of the year. Cook- I was really sick sir. But I didnt visit the doctor because it was fever and every time a fever comes how can I visit the doctor. Manager- If someone is sick and that too for a prolonged period that person has to positively provide medical certificate from the doctor or just the spoken words of the person cannot be considered as evidence of the persons sickness. Apart from that you are often late at work and you are found to procrastinate during your job. If you are not serious about your job then you may think otherwise. Cook- Sir I am really sorry because of repeatedly being late. The place I come from is faraway and sometimes it is found that there are less number of transport. Manager- The company would not care about where you stay and whether there is transport or not. If you are repeatedly late that impacts the productivity of the restaurant. You have to start early from your house in order to reach the workplace at time. Cook- Yes sir I will keep that in mind. Also I will go to the doctor for medical certificates when I am sick. Manager- Yes both of these are required to be done as soon as possible. Apart from that it has been found that the orders you get often are late supplied to the tables of the customers, and the customers who have reviewed online about our food, most of them negatively reviewed when you prepared the food. Cook- May be at times when I was sick I could not do the work properly, I will make sure my cooking is the best from now. References Jani, D. and Han, H., 2014. Personality, satisfaction, image, ambience, and loyalty: Testing their relationships in the hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 37, pp.11-20. Karatepe, O.M. and Karadas, G., 2015. Do psychological capital and work engagement foster frontline employees satisfaction? A study in the hotel industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(6), pp.1254-1278. Karatepe, O.M., Beirami, E., Bouzari, M. and Safavi, H.P., 2014. Does work engagement mediate the effects of challenge stressors on job outcomes? Evidence from the hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 36, pp.14-22. Nieves, J. and Quintana, A., 2016. Human resource practices and innovation in the hotel industry: The mediating role of human capital. Tourism and Hospitality Research, p.1467358415624137. Nieves, J., Quintana, A. and Osorio, J., 2014. Knowledge-based resources and innovation in the hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 38, pp.65-73. Solnet, D., Baum, T., Robinson, R.N. and Lockstone-Binney, L., 2016. What about the workers? Roles and skills for employees in hotels of the future. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 22(3), pp.212-226. Walker, J.R., 2016. Introduction to hospitality. Pearson Higher Ed. Wang, Y.F. and Tsai, C.T., 2014. Employability of hospitality graduates: Student and industry perspectives. Journal of Hospitality Tourism Education, 26(3), pp.125-135.

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Similarities and Differences Between War Stories Essays

Eisenbeis 1 Courtney Eisenbeis Professor Otto Composition II 4 October 2015 Similarities and Differences Between War Stories The stories Soldiers Home by Ernest Hemingway, and The Things They Carried by Tim OBrien both concern war tragedies and focus on the physical, mental, and emotional points of the lifestyle of war. Tim OBrien, the author and narrator of The Things They Carried, describes the physical, mental, and emotional things the American soldiers carried with them during the Vietnam War. Throughout the story Tim tells what each soldier carries and why. Each character also describes what they experience from their perspective. Ernest Hemingway, the author of Soldiers Home, told a story about the main character, Kerbs, who went to war for two years. When he returned, no one was interested in congratulating him for being a war hero. At first he did not want to talk about his war experiences, but as time went on and he did, and people were not interested in his actualities. His stories were true, but not what anyone wanted to listen to. In order to get people to listen, he had to make up false parts of his stories to make them appeal to the town. OBrien and Hemingway share similar themes about war era stories, and similar styles in war soldiers point of view, but in contrast, OBrien focuses on the the physical, mental, and emotional problems in oneself, while Hemingway focuses on the emotional aspect of coming home to a not so thankful town. While both stories have a different setting, they both focus on the main point of the effects of war on the soldiers and what they go through during and after war. In The Things Eisenbeis 2 They Carried, Obrien talks about the specific things the soldiers carried such as letters to one soldier signed Love, Martha, and the list of items carried by most all soldiers. Some of those items include pocket knives, wristwatches, chewing gum, matches, sewing kits, ect. (OBrien, 1159). Along with things they kept close to them for physical use or mental use to keep them fighting, they go through hard times of losing crew members to killing people they believe seem innocent. In The Things They Carried, a crew member was killed like watching a rock fall, or a big sandbag or somethingjust boom, then down and due to them all being so close, the death caused the crew members to be greatly affected. In a Soldiers Home, the main character, Kerbs, is greatly affected by the lack of support and honor given to him by his family and community members. He [Kerbs] found that to be listened to at all he had to lie which made him have a greater reaction to the lies about war (Hemingway, 1). His lies led him to believe that was actually what happened while in the war. In contrast to the main focus of both stories, even though they are both based around wars, they both happen in different kinds of settings. In The Things They Carried, the story takes place on the battlefield in war. It talks about what they go through on a daily basis and the actual situations they come in contact with. On the other hand, a Soldiers Home is based around soldiers coming home and how they are greeted and not greeted and how they are treated in their lives back home by the people in the community they live in. Both stories have a main focus on how soldiers feel, but it is very different within the placement of where their feelings are coming from in different situations. The Things They Carried goes more in depth about the mental and physical aspects of war because it is a longer story. It includes a more personal level from multiple soldiers who Eisenbeis 3 travel in a group rather than of just how one person feels about the aftermath of war. It is more of an ongoing story continuing throughout a live war. In a Soldier's Home, the story is about soldiers coming home from war and the absence of honor from the community. In the story a soldier who comes home later than others is not honored even though he did more to save the country than those who did not spend as long in war. Kerbs was the man with all the true and exciting, but scary stories. In order for him to get people to care he had to mentally figure out a way to get

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International economics and finance The WritePass Journal

International economics and finance PART ONE INTRODUCTION International economics and finance PART ONE INTRODUCTIONPART TWO Structure of Balance of Payment AccountHow does a Balance of Payment Account balances?Causes of Balance of Payment Surplus or DeficitsReasons for Deficits and Financing a Short Term DeficitWays of rectifying / correcting a DeficitPART THREE CONCLUSIONPART FOUR REFERENCING AND BIBLIOGRAPHYRelated PART ONE INTRODUCTION The most basic needs in an economic functioning is the starting of the expanding deficit and natural resources which are the essentials of making manufactured goods and are the most important foundation of consumption of economy. As the impact on the financial and economic development is a very entensive debate on its desirability in United Kingdom. Globalisation in both developed and developing countries have changed prior to the relatively unnoticed capital flows in the 1990’s.   The  UK  is one of the richest countries in the world, especially with the current decline in the global economy. They are one of very few that is managing to keep their heads above water. As broadly defined, a Balance of Payment Account records all of the financial transactions of the government with the rest of the world (international economy) over a period of one year.   (Begg D, 1987). Essentially, each transaction is always recorded relating with the double-entry bookekeeping. Any amount involved must be entered on each of the two sides of the balance of payment accounts to complete the balances.   If the two sides of the balalcen of payment account are not the same, then the case if imbalance occurs. Therefore, these balances are referred to as surpluses or deficits in the balance of payment account. This assignment attempts to discuss how can there be deficits or surpluses of the balance of payment account if the balance of payment account must always balance. With the introduction in the first part, it states the definition and principles of balance of payment. Part two consists of Structure of a balance of payment account, how does balance of payment account balance, causes of balance of payment surplus or deficit, reasons for financing a short term deficit and the steps in rectifying or correcting the deficit. Part three is the last part where there is a conclusion of any suggestions pertaining why the balance of payment account must always balance. Part four states the referencing and bibliography and details of the sources of information used in this essay. PART TWO Structure of Balance of Payment Account The Balance of Payment Account is divided into two sections where the current account measures both the trade in goods and trade in services whilst the capital account tracks associated money flows with investment, services and the currency stabilisation of the UK.   Any credit transaction must have a corresponding debit entry so therefore; the sums must always be equal or balance at the end of each transaction made. In 1998 the UK’s Balance of Payments transactions were brought into consideration with other members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Balance of Payment’s statistics was classified into groups as follows: the current account, the capital account, the financial account and the international investment position. How does a Balance of Payment Account balances? As it has always been at the back of my mind when I was taught about the accounting principle of double entry, in every balance sheet there is a credit and debit entry. Every credit entry must have a sorresponding debit entry ans should always have an agreed sum of equal balance. Wherevet there is a surplus, there must be a deficit because they come to terms in a financial transaction and offset each other. Whenever the current account is a surplus, then there should be a deficit in the capital account. If there is a deficit in the capital account then it means that there is abruptly a rise in investment for the UK in the outside world but it cannot last because the other countries wolud also not want to be selling their assets to make another country benifiting from them. If the UK faces a current account surplus, then it is said to be that there is a flow of trade in goods and services funds. A current account surplus leads to an increase of external assets outside the UK. On the other hand, if the current acount is on deficit there is a decrease of assets which are sold to finance the country. Each external transaction is entered in both the current and capital accounts to show the original transaction and how it has been financed. Causes of Balance of Payment Surplus or Deficits There can be so many ways of causes of the balance of payment reaching the level of surplus or deficits. There might be a time when other outside countries are facing current account deficits whilst the UK is facing current account surplus. Therefore this is the most essential time to point out what causes the current account deficit before trying to find ways of correcting them. The causes are explained below as follows: An over valued exchange rate can be a factor of current account deficit as it is believed that it is a branch of the exchange rate being too high which can lead to high export rate and high foreign markets when the import rate is going cheaper.   The rising and falling of the imports and exports will affect the current account. The rising of the level of the economic growth can also be a good reason for current account deficit because when consumption and investment tends to rise, there is an increase in spending for consumers which will encourage the deteriorating of the current account. The greater the marginal propensity of import, there will be an increase in imports too. Lack of capacity productivity, poor pricing and non-pricing competition can cause current account deficit because if there in insufficient capacity to meet the needs from their consumers from the producers, then the imported goods and services comes into terms with the satisfaction of excessive demand. Quality, design, offers and reliability can also be considered as they are very important factors. Whereas inflation is seen as a key role for international competitiveness. It the inflation rate of the UK is higher to the rest of the world, and then it will be less competitive to the rest of the world.the UK’s manufacturing sector has suffered over the last 25years because of low cost of production in some new industralised countries which is a declining comparative advantage. Reasons for Deficits and Financing a Short Term Deficit Ways of rectifying / correcting a Deficit There can be ways in rectifying a deficit in the UK with government policies such as Expenditure Reducing Policies and Expenditure Switching Policies. In expenditure reducing policies, there can be higher direct taxes which can lead to a lower disposable income, increased interest rates to soften consumer confidence and consumption, and even the excess in the economy. By reducing the growth of domestic demand, it may encourage UK businesses to switch their production towards export markets. In other words, expenditure switching policies raises sterling price of imports, higher profitability of exporting but there can be an impact of lower exchange rate which depends on elasticity of overseas demand for UK exports. There can also be an instance of achieving a period of low relative inflation which helps the British economy with macroeconomic stability and important for their competitiveness. PART THREE CONCLUSION Currently, the UK is experiencing a current accouant deficit which is getting worst. On the other hand, it ignores the fact that trade deficits are linked to a weak pound currency. The government policy which is aimed at bringing an improvement of trade perrformance does not necessarily turn a deficit into a surplus but hence, the trade deficit is increasing around the world economy as the outside world is accpting the pounds in return for their import payments. The best thing the UK should dois to ignore the trade deficits and concentrate on the how to have a strong economy to attract foreign investment. Investors around the world are seeing the UK as a safe and profitable place for their savings so therefore, the trade deficit will still persisit and the British are better off because of it. PART FOUR REFERENCING AND BIBLIOGRAPHY Richard G L AND Chrystal K.A (2004) (10th Ed) Economics, Oxford: Oxford University

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Diplomatic, political and military reasons for the United States Essay

Diplomatic, political and military reasons for the United States victory in the Revolutionary War - Essay Example As news of the rebellious activities in Massachusetts reached Philadelphia, George Washington was selected to lead the Continental army, a well organised army (Neimeyer 6). The Continental military of the American had a great strong leader who was resilient and never gave up as seen in the paper. General Gage conducted a police action on the rebels but the well trained military personnel were defeated by a larger number of untrained rebels. The American army was determined to fight and they were not afraid of the British prowess. Even though they were untrained, they were resilient and were able to force the British to evacuate Boston. General William Howe replaced General Gage and brought new combat rules. He was a peace commissioner and this limited his roles as a military leader as he also used diplomatic means. George Washington tried to hold General Howe with a troop of twenty thousand men while he had thirty two thousand men. Even after General Howe offering to negotiate, Georg e Washington was adamant in his struggle to free America. Washington was also good at weighing his options and used to retreat to reduce casualty of his troops. He retreated severally when Howe’s army was too large to defeat, going to the extent of retreating to New Jersey all the way from New York (Neimeyer 10). Washington was a strategist and used his troops to attack when Howe had scattered his troops in winter. The Indians and Hessians allied to Major General Horatio, an American, refused to help General Burgoyne, a British, who lost at the Battles of Saratoga. Americans would unite to help other Americans thus, having the ability to defeat the British. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben and Nathanael Greene played a great role to unify the Continental army in the winter of 1777 and helped them emerge stronger and better. Washington ensured that his troops did not coerce the civilians, therefore, enjoying popularity unlike the British commanders (Crawford 297). In the oceans, the Americans had John Paul ones leading the fleets and helping reduce the impact of the British navy. Guerrilla warfare and tactics were led Francis Marion who led the southern forces and attacked the British by surprise. Diplomatic Reasons Benjamin Franklin helped a great deal to foster diplomacy between the Americans and the French as he was the ambassador to France. France joined in the revolutionary war against the British through Benjamin Franklin’s efforts in 1776. The French provided the Continental with extra equipment, military men, ships and money. The supplies that were brought during the battle of Lexington and Concord are said to have originated from the French (Crawford 298). After the British were defeated at the Battle of Saratoga, the French played a big role in the independence of America. The French Navy helped Washington by attack and defeating Admiral Thomas Graves’ fleet, which led to the events that forced Lord Cornwallis to surrender at Yorktow n. In 1780 the British’s loss at the Battle of Yorktown forced parliament to withdraw military activity in American. John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin were the peace commissioners who met in Paris to pressure the British into agreeing to recognise America as an independent country. This happened in October 1782 as the United States commissioners agreed to sign some articles with the British (Neimeyer 21). Political Reasons After the British decided to tax the American people

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Performance appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Performance appraisal - Essay Example To make a worker realize his responsibility is the duty of that organization. One gets paid for one’s performance which is known as ‘pay for performance’ in a corporate world. An organization can decide the wages for an employee based on the performance appraisal, the ratings of which ranges from interpersonal skills, technical skills, and various other assets. While one of its functions being wage increment, the other is to determine if the tasks given for a team is being carried out in a timely fashion and appropriately. This has a positive impact on the growth of the organization and in finding out areas that require bigger improvement. Organizations prefer having a performance appraisal once in every 3 to 6 months to determine increments in wages. This illustrates how dominant a performance appraisal is in superior firms especially in Multinational Corporations where more than a million employees work with analogous qualifications. It is not essential that app raisals are meant to be positive. Rather a pessimistic feedback in an optimistic style can foster perfection in the employee. Different categories of performance appraisal include general, technological, manager, employee self-assessment, and Project evaluation appraisals of which general appraisal is an overall feedback about how far the team has completed an assigned project with all the requirements met properly. An outlook on technical proficiency of an employee with his specialization set right is what technological appraisal focuses on.