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261 Huck Finn Characters and Heros Journey Professor Ramos Blog

261 Huck Finn Characters and Heros Journey Snappy Write Snappy Write We talked last time about Twain and how he was reproachful of society. What are a few points that he is censuring in the novel up until this point? Huck Finn Continued We read Mark Twains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 20-31 for now. Proceeding with our investigation, I need to concentrate on the character of the characters for now. Lets concoct a major rundown of characters from the novel. Huck Finn Saints Journey Hucks improvement follows the phases of the Heros Journey portrayed my Joseph Campbell. Hucks venture is one of inward development and revelation. He goes from the view that servitude was appointed by God to an acknowledgment that subjection isn't right and treacherous. Joseph Campbells Heros Journey Area ONE - Introduction to Setting, Characters Conflict The Ordinary World;â The Call to Adventure; Denying the Call; Meeting with the Mentor:â and Intersection the First Threshold. Area TWO - Action, Climax, Triumph Tests, Allies, and Enemies; Way to deal with the Inmost Cave; Ordeal;â and Prize. Segment THREE - Resolution and Denouement The Road Back; Resurrection;and Come back with the Elixir. Huck Finns Journey In little gatherings, follow the advancement of Huck Finn in the novel after the Heros Journey. Concentrate on where Huck Finn is toward the start and particularly limit minutes/scenes where he changes. Hooligan Notes Summary and Analysis

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Free Essays on Introduction To MCCs

1. Presentation Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs) are noteworthy downpour creating climate frameworks for the focal United States during the warm season (April-September). Furthermore, MCSs produce a brad scope of serious convective climate frameworks that are conceivably harming and risky (Jirak et. al. 2003). MCSs represent roughly 30-70 percent of the warm season precipitation over a significant part of the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Albeit a portion of this downpour can be useful for farming use, commonly substantial precipitation related with MCSs cause streak floods (Moore et. al. 2003). Despite the fact that the significance of MCSs is surely known, there is greatly left to find out about the development and advancement of these frameworks. One methodology that has been utilized to contemplate MCSs includes characterizing the frameworks and breaking down the distinctions among the classifications. This paper is going to take a gander at a portion of those various classifications. The creator will talk about the meaning of the frameworks and take a gander at some serious climate that the frameworks cause. 2. Arrangements a. MCCs and PECS The definition for these frameworks was made by Maddox (1980) and is appeared in table one. The definition depended on physical qualities from upgraded, infrared satellite imager. There has been a minor alteration to the definition that Maddox previously created. Augustine and Howard (1988) evacuated the MCCs. There are four phases of a MCC, which are beginning, advancement, develop, and dispersal. In the beginning stage, singular rainstorms create inside an area where conditions are ideal for convection. Geology and limited warmth sources may assume a job in beginning tempest improvement (Maddox 1980). The rainstorms frequently produce critical extreme climate during this stage, for example, tornadoes, hail, and... Free Essays on Introduction To MCC's Free Essays on Introduction To MCC's 1. Presentation Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs) are huge downpour creating climate frameworks for the focal United States during the warm season (April-September). Also, MCSs produce a brad scope of extreme convective climate frameworks that are possibly harming and risky (Jirak et. al. 2003). MCSs represent around 30-70 percent of the warm season precipitation over a significant part of the area between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Albeit a portion of this downpour can be useful for rural use, commonly substantial precipitation related with MCSs cause streak floods (Moore et. al. 2003). Despite the fact that the significance of MCSs is surely known, there is abundantly left to find out about the development and improvement of these frameworks. One methodology that has been utilized to consider MCSs includes characterizing the frameworks and breaking down the distinctions among the classes. This paper is going to take a gander at a portion of those various classifications. The creator will talk about the meaning of the frameworks and take a gander at some serious climate that the frameworks cause. 2. Groupings a. MCCs and PECS The definition for these frameworks was made by Maddox (1980) and is appeared in table one. The definition depended on physical qualities from improved, infrared satellite imager. There has been a minor adjustment to the definition that Maddox previously created. Augustine and Howard (1988) evacuated the MCCs. There are four phases of a MCC, which are beginning, improvement, develop, and scattering. In the beginning stage, singular tempests create inside an area where conditions are great for convection. Geology and confined warmth sources may assume a job in beginning tempest advancement (Maddox 1980). The tempests frequently produce critical serious climate during this stage, for example, tornadoes, hail, and...

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Company Law of ASIC v Plymin Elliott & Harrison †Free Samples

Question: Examine about the Company Law ASIC v Plymin Elliott Harrison. Answer: Presentation The instance of ASIC v Plymin, Elliott Harrison [2003] VSC 123 is considered as among the main cases in the matter of break of chiefs obligations because of undertaking wiped out exchanging (Allens, 2017a). Such cases go about as a manual for the organizations and the executives, alongside officials of the organization, to not enjoy such exercises, which may bring about indebted exchanging. The Victorian Supreme Court Justice Mandie for this situation held that the non-official executive of the organization, i.e., John Elliott had flopped in keeping the organization from undertaking the obligations at such timeframe, when the organization was bankrupt, thus, the important arrangements of the Corporations Act, 2001 (Cth), i.e., area 588G had been negated (Allens, 2017b). In February 2000, the Walter Wheel organizations were placed in the willful organization. Common procedures were started by the ASIC, i.e., Australian Securities Investments Commission against the non-official chief, administrator and the overseeing executive of the organization for the negation of the bankruptcy arrangements (Jade, 2017). In the accompanying parts, this very case has been talked about in the IRAC position, to look at the case in detail. Issue Regardless of whether the organizations was ruined at the hour of causing the obligations, or not? Were there sensible grounds to associate the bankruptcy with the organizations, or not? Regardless of whether the chiefs were in a position in order to have known about the sound avocations for suspecting indebtedness, or not? Rule According to segment 588G of the Corporations Act, 2001, it is the obligation of the executives to protect the organization from any bankrupt exchanging. The pertinence of this segment is just in such situations where the individual was the executive in the organization, at such purpose of time, when the obligation was brought about by the organization (WIPO, 2015). Further, the organization must be ruined at that timeframe, or needs to become bankrupt along these lines, because of bringing about the obligation or acquired obligations at such timeframe, and one of the obligations was the one attempted by the chief. The following prerequisite is that at such purpose of time, there must be nearness of sensible justification for associating the indebtedness with the organization, or that the organization would turn out to be along these lines, if the obligation is caused. Furthermore, ultimately, the time is after or at the time the Corporations Act, 2001 was caused (Australasian Legal Information Institute, 2017a). On the off chance that the individual bombs in keeping the organization from undertaking an obligation, this area would be penetrated just when the individual knew at the hour of undertaking the obligation that there were grounds to speculate the companys dissolvability; or in such a situation where a reasonable individual in comparative conditions and in same position would have been so mindful. A negation of this area prompts a common punishment according to segment 1317E of this demonstration, according to which, the court makes an announcements of repudiation (ICNL, 2017). A guard which can be utilized to shield a case of 588G can be found on account of 588H (Condon Associates, 2010). According to this segment, if at the hour of undertaking the obligations, the individual had adequate reason for expecting or did in all actuality anticipate the dissolvability of the organization, at that specific time and significantly subsequent to bringing about of such obligations, the individual can't be held in break of area 588G. For this, sensible grounds must be demonstrated that a solid or able individual had been liable for guaranteeing that the satisfactory data was given to the chief with respect to the dissolvability status of the organization and that such other individual had satisfied such obligation in an appropriate way. A supporting point can be made by the chief that legitimate consideration and view was taken while embracing the perspective on the other individual (Federal Register of Legislation, 2017). Youthful CJ, on account of Manpac Industries Pty Ltd v Ceccattini [2002] NSWSC 330 held that segment 95A must be utilized for recognizing if the organization would have the option to take care of its obligations as and when they fall due. What's more, for this, the choice given by Lindgren J on account of Melbase Corp Pty Ltd v Segenhoe Ltd [1995] FCA 1225; (1995) 17 ACSR 187, was cited. According to this specific choice, for learning the dissolvability, an income test must be utilized, rather than utilizing the accounting report test (Lhuede Alderman, 2009). A non-official chief of the organization is required to make certain strides in order to place their own self in such a position which would empower the observing of the organization, alongside practicing and framing an independent judgment. Also, this must be done in an insightful and tenacious mater according to the data, which may be requested in decency from the operators, officials or the workers of the organization, alongside the data which is accessible to him (Keay, 2007). Any equipped court would affirm that when an executive of the organization knew about specific realities which could bolster the defenselessness of the bankruptcy, it would not be considered with respect to whether there was a genuine doubt on part of the chief. At the end of the day, the own perspective of the executive can't help them in an applicable way. On the other hand, on the off chance that it can't be built up that the executive had known about these grounds, however a judicious chief in a comparative position would have thought about the equivalent, at that point it stays independent that there was an absence of mindfulness on part of the specific executive (Cassidy, 2006). To set up if an obligation is caused or not, the equivalent doesn't need to rely on a lawful investigation of the significant terms in a severe way. It really is started when in business reality and in substance, the organization gets presented to the applicable obligation. For setting up that the chiefs had bombed in embraced wiped out exchanging and couldn't forestall such activities, the idleness, alongside the disappointment in endeavoring to shield the organization from acquiring or exchanging the obligations, is adequate for building up a disappointment in anticipation of the organization, inside the importance contained in area 588G(2). Application So as to settle on the dissolvability of the organization, the appointed authorities accept that the best test is the income test, which identifies with the subject of the organization taking care of its obligations, at the time they fall due. This is because of the decision given in both Manpac Industries Pty Ltd v Ceccattini and Melbase Corp Pty Ltd v Segenhoe Ltd. In the matter of ASIC v Plymin, the organization was bankrupt, according to the conflicts made by the ASIC, from the date of September fourteenth, 1999 onwards (ASIC, 2017). On this specific date, the overseeing executive had been educated by the ANZ Bank that the assets from the halfway offer of the business must be paid to the banks for paying off the obligations which were owed by the organization to the bank. The bank had settled on a choice to end the relationship with the organization of Water Wheel. Further, the bank had likewise expressed that the credit offices of the organization were repayable on request. This is combined with the way that during the time of 1999, the organization had never paid and was proceeding to not pay most of the obligations, which had been acquired by it. Thus, the organization was wiped out (Australasian Legal Information Institute, 2017b). The following issue is to set up the nearness of sensible justification for suspecting that Water Wheel was wiped out. What's more, this must be decided according to the norm or the targets of reasonability, which is sensible for a non-official executive or a chief, concerning the discerning steadiness and capability (Baxt, 2005). In this specific issue, Elliot had the information on the realities, alongside the issue, which prompted sensible grounds being raised for associating the bankruptcy with the organization. The specific issues identify with: The worries with respect to the point that the money related controller had just raised the issue of the organization being perhaps wiped out; For the year finishing December third, 1998, the reviewed misfortune remained at an estimation of $879,000 and the estimation of the misfortunes for the half year to the date of June third, 1999 remained at an estimation of $2.135 million; The organization Deloitte had been named for exploring on the misfortune embraced in the time of 1998. This was done to settle on the issue with respect to whether this specific misfortune could be credited to the flour deals which were not ascribed because of the new PC framework. When of April 1999, this organization had set up that there was no verification to show that unrecorded deals had occurred. This is notwithstanding the lenders not being paid according to the typical exchanging terms, combined with the intensifying liquidity issues for the organization; Before the finish of this date, i.e., April 1999, it was notable that the reeling sheet account was not prone to result from the current lenders and furthermore, no substitution agents could be set up; C co-executive had communicated his anxiety at the Board meeting which occurred in April with respect to the absence of data and monetary outcomes for the underlying three months of that year and even addressed upon the dissolvability of the organizations. This chief had surrendered without a clarification following two days from the organization; In June 1999 and till August 1999, an analytical bookkeeper was designated by the ANZ bank. ANZ bank had shown that this specific organization, in its credit office courses of action was in default and had additionally set all the office plans on request; and Before the finish of August 1999, it was very notable that the loan bosses were owed an add up to the estimation of $10.4 million, the obligation of the ANZ Bank added up to an estimation of $5.7 million, and that the present resources of the organization were esteemed at a measure of $12.3 million (Lhuede Alderman, 2009). It was clear and evident that Elliott had shut his eyes

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Community Service Tips for Freshmen and Sophomores How to Get Involved

Find Volunteer Activities That Align With Your Interests By Getting Creative We talk a lot about what colleges and universities are looking for when evaluating applications. Grades, courses, and test scores are very important, but so are the less quantifiable elements, like activities and essays. One thing many students overlook when preparing for the admissions process is community service. Just like with other extracurricular activities, colleges want to see students participating in impactful volunteer opportunities – finding a way to give back and enhance their local community. So how do students find the right community service activities for them?First, consider your interests. Community service should be enjoyable – you’ll get much more out of it and make a larger impact if you’re involved with something you’re passionate about. This can also help you focus your interests, and become more of a specialist in a certain area – something colleges look for. Second, consider time and impact. Don’t participate in one-off activities that aren’t very meaningful just so you can put it on your resume. Find one or two community service projects you can dedicate a few hours a week to over a long period of time. Use your talents to make an impact.Engaging in volunteer activities is a great way to expand upon an existing passion and strengthen your profile as a future college applicant. Here are some tips for freshmen and sophomores on how to develop community service ideas. If you're interested in†¦Science and the environmentYou don’t have to travel far to make an impact. Does a local park have a problem with litter? Volunteer to pick up trash or help educate the community about the environmental impact of littering. If a local community center’s grounds need some sprucing up, volunteer to help beautify the area and make it more welcoming. You don’t have to join an already established volunteer project in order to make an impact. Identify a community need and com e up with a way to fulfill it.Working with childrenLook into serving as a mentor for a younger student in your community who may be struggling in the classroom or at home. Simply being a friend and positive role model can make a big difference in a child’s life. Having trouble getting started? Religious leaders and elementary school teachers or principals may know of young children in need of a buddy. Also look into opportunities at a local Boys and Girls Club, community center, or other organizations that offer after-school programs.Working with animals Animal shelters are popular volunteer destinations, so contact local organizations if you’re interested in spending some time with animals. Guide dog training facilities also rely on volunteers but may be less of an obvious option—check them out as well!SportsFind a local sports camp and volunteer your time teaching your sport of choice! Likewise, maybe a younger team in your area could use an assistant coach af ter school or on the weekends. Volunteer your skills and talents to help others learn more about sports and help them improve. A little bit of guidance can go a long way. Finally, while it’s great to be completing community service all throughout the school year, you may find it easier to dedicate your time during a slower academic period, such as winter break. If you’re looking to plan ahead, keep these suggestions in mind for when the holiday season rolls around. You can even recruit your family and friends to join—maybe you’ll form a new seasonal tradition! The summer is also a great time to volunteer. Take some time during a family trip to give back and continue your commitment by raising money for the cause once you return home.You’re in a great position as an underclassman because you have plenty of time to identify and pursue whatever volunteer commitments interest you. Remember, colleges want students who show dedication to a project and fo llow through until the end. Here’s more information on community service and how it factors into the college application process.

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A Report On The Security Plan - 871 Words

A successful breach must be notification of any kind of plan will encompasses in more than just a method for the most promptly it needs to make sure that they will tell the victims of what are going to happen over the security breach event. The effective that the breach is going to make sure that all the people know what is going .It must be a part of the comprehensive information of the security plan. This plan has three components they are critical in the notification plan †¢ Risk assessment The organization’s information security plan of action and this must being with any kind of security risk assessment. Security risk is a known, yet unrealized situation †¢ Trigger events The security risk assessment it would identify any kind of threats and any vulnerabilities to establish a system that would be monitor the whole computer of any kind of breach events. The staff’s should be able to know a security breach that may trigger events it will ensure prompt the initiation of appropriate response †¢ A mitigation plan the response team would want a team to establishes a security incident to a response a protocol that is clearly of a outlines the mitigation plan. †¢ Any risk analysis is the foundation of any sound privacy and security program it is also a requirement of HIPAA security rules .When you talk about HIPAA this any kind of medical information or anything that deals with personal information. A proper risk analysis it would involves a three – step process to identifying ,Show MoreRelatedCase Study : Area Risk Assessment862 Words   |  4 PagesData Security Medium Change Management Low Business Continuity Planning High Alexandra DeHaven IT General Controls ITGC Area Summary of Issue Strength or Weakness IT Management FFC has an IT strategic plan Strength IT Management FFC has an IT Steering Committee Strength IT Management VP Information Security reports to CIO Weakness IT Management FFC plan matches IT plan Strength IT Management VP Applications reports to CIO Weakness IT Management Steering Committee Members 5/7 report to CIORead MoreBuilding A Compliance Regulation Plan1149 Words   |  5 PagesBuilding a Compliance Regulation Plan Many regulations exist for various facets of corporate industries. Compliance plans in a health industry exist to ensure that any program created by a healthcare provider follow regulations to avoid abuse of information. Compliance planning for healthcare providers has become essential to protecting practices. As we have recently acquired a hospital group we should work to build a compliance plan, and the safeguards needed to keep information secure. ImportantRead MoreTaklang Sampelut1423 Words   |  6 PagesUnit Plans Unit 1: Information Systems Security Fundamentals Learning Objective ï‚ § Explain the concepts of information systems security (ISS) as applied to an IT infrastructure. Key Concepts ï‚ § Confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) concepts ï‚ § Layered security solutions implemented for the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure ï‚ § Common threats for each of the seven domains ï‚ § IT security policy framework ï‚ § Impact of data classification standardRead MoreHo Yu ITGC Essay1337 Words   |  6 PagesManagement FFC has an IT strategic plan Strength IT Management CIO reports only to the Chief Financial Officer Weakness IT Management Applications, Operations, Information Security, and Database Administration are reported to the CIO Weakness IT Management FFC has an IT steering committee – 1. the Senior Vice President (SrVP) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) 2. the VP, Applications 3. the VP, Data Base Administration (DBA) 4. the VP, Operations 5. the VP, Information Security (IS) 6. the Executive ViceRead MoreReport On Online Sales1721 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Æ' CONSULTING IT REPORT Kitchener, Ontario June 12, 2017 To: Mr. Raj and Mr. Harjot From: Andre Luis Lumertz Peres Subject: Consulting IT Report – Online Sales Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis, considerations, and information necessary for the implementation of an online sales ordering platform. Based on information from the organization that makes $ 2 to $ 3 million in annual sales selling Drones their store located in Kitchener Ontario and with approximatelyRead MoreA Brief Note On Cyber Crime Shootings Report1424 Words   |  6 PagesInvestigating and Responding to Cyber Crime Incidents Report Introduction â€Å"Computer forensics is the equivalent of surveying a crime scene or performing an autopsy on a victim† (James Borek 2001). We need to ask ourselves a question, how many people in our organization had or will have any law enforcement training, anyone would have the qualifications and the skill to present enough evidence that can and will be acceptable in any court of law. No matter what kind of incident there is, the analysisRead MoreImplementation Of A Comprehensive Incident Management Policy And The Iso / Iec 27035 Compliant773 Words   |  4 PagesBLTYH’S BOOKS INCIDENT SECURITY MANAGEMENT POLICY AND THE ISO/IEC 27035 The ISO/IEC 27035 standard embodies the acceptable practice for the management of information security and ascertains the guidelines for the initiation, execution, maintenance and enhancement of information security management in organisations. The ISO 27035 standard is proposed to be a guide for emergent organisations in developing and implementing their information security policies. The implementation of this standard willRead MoreFice Of Personnel Management Essay1715 Words   |  7 Pagesup to the breach. Explains how adhering to the fundamental principles of security practice: the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA triad), combined with risk management policies we have learn in the previous weeks, as well as incorporating the importance of organizational culture that could lead to a path of preventative cybersecurity. Later in the paper we will examine further on the fundamentals of security practice that would create strong cyber defense posture. Read MoreBus 5291639 Words   |  7 Pagescase, select the one (1) that you believe to be the best solution to reporting the plan to address the problem and state why Of the four commentaries that follow the case, the one that I believe to be the best solution to address the issues faced by Flayton Electronics is that of James E. Lee. I particularly liked his recommendations because it addressed all the key areas that are necessary in a risk response plan. Lee’s recommendations are typical of contingency planning; according to Heldman (2005)Read MoreDesigning A Windows Server Using Suitable Software Management Plan895 Words   |  4 PagesFollowing is a report completed for the executives of Frist World Bank Savings and Loan, with the objective to provide information on how to secure a Linux platform using installed commands and other available open source software. Explained are the use of bastion hosts to secure architecture design as well as best practices to mitigate security risks to a Linux server using suitable software management plan. Layered secure is demonstrated as well as a described backup, recovery, and incident response

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Sedaris and Hoagland - 1291 Words

Brandi Carroll English 1A Star Taylor February 25, 2013 Language is a unique form of communication system used all around the world, in many different cultures and variations. In the short stories, On Stuttering, by Edward Hoagland, and Me Talk Pretty by David Sedaris, the authors discuss how they had to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives because of their speech impediments. They describe how they felt about their limitations, different strategies they used to defeat their language barriers, and the affects that theses obstacles had on their self confidence. Hoagland struggles with a stuttering problem, while Sedaris has moved to France in hopes to become fluent in a new language; although their handicaps were†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Is it better to remain a pleasant cypher who ventures nothing in particular but chuckles Immoderately at everyone else’s conversation, or instead to subject your several companions to the ordeal of watching you struggle to expel opionions that are ei ther blurred or vitiated, or made to sound too empathetic by all that huffing and puffing, the facial contortions, tongue biting, blushing and suffering?† (114). His conversations are limited with strangers; it is only with close friends and family that Hoagland is able to hold a clear and fluid discussion. His handicap was a factor of low self confidence. Furthermore, some of his scariest moments as a stutterer were as a father when his daughter was learning to speak and thought that she was supposed to stutter, and also when he had to have to give a speech at a wedding. Nonetheless, Hoagland refused to let his stuttering control his life. He is able to get in to the Army by telling them that he only stuttered because he was â€Å"nervous,† and even goes on to become a college professor. Unlike Hoagland, David Sedaris did not have a speech impediment or a handicap, however, he too faced many language barriers in different circumstances. He spoke English just fine, and in fact had hopes to become fluent in an additional language, French. In his essay â€Å"Me talk pretty one day† he describes his experienceShow MoreRelatedEssay on On Stuttering1082 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"On Stuttering,† by Edward Hoagland, and â€Å"Me Talk Pretty,† by David Sedaris, the authors discuss how they dealt with their speech impediments. They wrote about the way they handled their difficulties with speech, the different strategies they used, and how their limitations affected how they felt about themselves. Although the two author’s handicaps were not identical, they both used similar approaches to overcome them. After 60 years of stuttering, Hoagland reminisces about his strugglesRead MoreWriting and Research Paper2935 Words   |  12 PagesPencil, Gun.† (provided by instructor in class). Compare. Read WP: Adam Gopnik â€Å"Shootings† pp. 673-677aloud in class. Compare. Discuss HE writing skills. Quiz # 1: Argumentation. Essay # 1 is due: Personal narrative, or memoir. Homework: WP: Read Sedaris â€Å"Me Talk Pretty One Day† pp. 212-216. Pay attention to the satire. WEEK THREE January 29 Gender Roles discussion. Introduce Essay # 2. MLA research: Purdue University Owl and data bases. The research paper first draft is due 11/10: 1000 words

Employability Of The Hospitality Graduates -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Employability Of The Hospitality Graduates? Answer: Introducation The main reason for food reaching late to the table is the lack of enough employees when there is increased pressure of customers. Apart from that there are situations when some of the employees are not enough quick in passing the order to the chefs so that they start making the order. There are more chefs needed, the existing chefs often procrastinate, and the orders get late. There are situations when there is unavailability of certain ingredients, which has to be brought in by someone. The main solution of this problem is to increase the number of employees in the organisation. The HR department of the company must work towards appointment of more employees in different positions like waiters, waitress, and chefs. The logistic department of the restaurant would work more efficiently to ensure that there are no situations where there is unavailability of any ingredient. Reasons for food not being hot enough There is a lack of employees which result in situations where the existing employees are busy in serving some customers, and the food of the new customers are ready and waiting in the kitchen. In that situation the food becomes cold till the time the waiters frees themselves to carry the food waiting in the kitchen to the tables. The solution discussed above would be useful in this problem as well. By employing more people, the problem will be solved. The existing employees must do hard work in a smart way so that one customer is served faster and the employee can go ahead to the next customer. Reasons for waiters waitresses not being timely It has been seen that many of the employees are not very satisfied with their pay scale. Therefore, they procrastinate and often found unmindful at their workplace. Apart from that the lesser number of employees than what is required sometimes creates such situations where there are no employees to cater to new waiting customers. The management must take necessary steps to increase employee motivation by better pay and other motivational factors so that the employees are satisfied and work in a better way. New employees will be hired which would further solve the problem. It is very important for the employees of a restaurant to be well versed in the art of communication to understand the requirements of the customers and to interpret the desires of the customers in their real meaning (Solnet 2016). The employees will go through a whole course of communication training from a communication expert. Few restaurants spend extensive measure of money on preparing their staff to communicate with the visitors (Nieves and Quintana 2016). Great quality of communication skill is a scholarly quality and not a characteristic expertise so one ought to consider preparing to upgrade staff aptitudes. Great hoteliers upgrade visitor encounter. Aside from speaking with the visitors, the staff should know how to compose messages. Great relational abilities will inspire the visitors, which will additionally demonstrate helpful to ones hotel business (Wang and Tsai 2014). Timeframe required for the whole exercise will be 3 months approximately. The increased communication skill will enable the employees to communicate with the customers in a better and professional way, which will increase the brand good will of the restaurant. A motivated employee is always productive to the company because he or she works more which results in better productivity (Karatepe 2014). Therefore, seminars and techniques, which increase employee motivation, are very important. The main factor for employee motivation is monetary incentives, but apart from that recognitions, awards and promotions also work wonders (Karatepe and Karadas 2015). Junior workers will probably exceed expectations in their positions and remain with the organization in the event that they believe they have an opportunity to climb the stepping stool. Setting clear objectives and execution focuses for workers to demonstrate to them how they can raise their wages and move to better employments to propel the staff will be helpful. Motivated employees propel the companies to growth. Better employee motivation is very helpful in employee productivity and retention. Working in a particular industry requires a full-fledged knowledge of that industry that requires updated information of what is happening around. Everyday there are new incidents that are worth contemplating and understanding. The employees will be supplied with a full supply of contemporary case studies of different restaurants and will be trained how to tackle with similar situations in their workplace (Walker 2016). There will be sessions and seminars, where industry experts will visit and explain why crisis management is important, and what is the role Empowering the employees with industry knowledge will make the employees better prepared for situations which are critical and need attention. Most important quality that the waiters and waitresses should have is a great conduct and behaviour with customers who are coming in to enhance the dining experience of them (Jani and Han 2014). The hotel business is tied in with interfacing and dealing with individuals, regardless of whether that be ones clients or colleagues. Obviously, aptitudes and experience can be instructed and learnt, but attitude or behaviour cannot and this is the reason it is such a basic component for managers to consider. It has been discovered that the significance of worker states of mind and attitude to benefit and the level of fulfilment with the administration change essentially among clients of various nationalities. For instance, American explorers underscore components, for example, workers having the capacity to take care of their issues (Nieves, Quintana and Osorio 2014). Taiwanese clients push the significance of workers treating clients equally to all the customers equally. Following is a scenario where one student enacts a staff member and another manager of the restaurant. Situation number one is selected as the scenario and the role play that is provided is of a cook who has high absent rates without proper evidence or reason. Student 1 is playing the role of a Manager and Student 2 as the absentee cook. Manager- You have been continuously and repeatedly going absent from your work, this cannot be tolerated by the company anymore. Cook- But Sir, I fall sick often and that compels me to stay at home. How can I come if I am sick? Manager- Even if you are sick you need to communicate to the restaurant so that there can be backup plans, and a person cannot be sick for the whole of the year. Cook- I was really sick sir. But I didnt visit the doctor because it was fever and every time a fever comes how can I visit the doctor. Manager- If someone is sick and that too for a prolonged period that person has to positively provide medical certificate from the doctor or just the spoken words of the person cannot be considered as evidence of the persons sickness. Apart from that you are often late at work and you are found to procrastinate during your job. If you are not serious about your job then you may think otherwise. Cook- Sir I am really sorry because of repeatedly being late. The place I come from is faraway and sometimes it is found that there are less number of transport. Manager- The company would not care about where you stay and whether there is transport or not. If you are repeatedly late that impacts the productivity of the restaurant. You have to start early from your house in order to reach the workplace at time. Cook- Yes sir I will keep that in mind. Also I will go to the doctor for medical certificates when I am sick. Manager- Yes both of these are required to be done as soon as possible. Apart from that it has been found that the orders you get often are late supplied to the tables of the customers, and the customers who have reviewed online about our food, most of them negatively reviewed when you prepared the food. Cook- May be at times when I was sick I could not do the work properly, I will make sure my cooking is the best from now. References Jani, D. and Han, H., 2014. Personality, satisfaction, image, ambience, and loyalty: Testing their relationships in the hotel industry. 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